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    100% New Zealand Owned

    Makikihi Fries was born in 1983 and has now been in production for over 30 years. Makikihi Fries continue to grow from strength to strength. The golden fries are made from the famous Agria potatoes grown right here in South Canterbury.

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    Home of the Golden Fries

    Makikihi Fries produce fries from the famous golden flesh potatoes that retain a strong potato flavour after the cooking process. Choose from our range of fries that are available at takeaways, cafes, restaurants, hotels and even at your local supermarket.

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  • 30 years in

    30 years in production

    Contact us to have your chilled or frozen fries delivered by our own trucks or your nearest distributor.

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  • 100% New Zealand
  • Home of the
  • 30 years in
Crinkle Cut

Crinkle Cut Fries

Makikihi Fries Delicious Golden "Crinkle Cut" fries are perfect for any occasion & are standard size fries suitable for deep frying.

Steak Fries

Makikihi Fries Steak Fries are a chunky fry that contain more potato and retain the ‘true potato taste’, a favourite for your takeaway and also with your steak.
Straight Cut

Straight Cut Fries

Makikihi Fries 13mm Straight Cut produces fries from golden flesh potatoes that retain a strong potato flavour after the frying process.

10mm Fries

Makikihi Fries 10mm Straight Cut fry is a thinner fry that will deep fry quicker and always look good on your plate.
10mm Skin On

10mm Skin On Fries

Makikihi 10mm Skin On Fries complete the range with keeping the skin on the potatoes. It contains at least 50 percent of the root vegetable's fiber and a great taste every time.
7mm Shoestring

7mm Shoestring Fries

Makikihi 7mm Shoestring Fries are just about the best thing around, and they’ve got some considerable advantages over their standard-cut cousins. For starters they’re the fastest cooking spuds you’ll find.

The Bleeker Family

The Bleeker

Owned by the Bleeker family, Makikihi Fries was started in 1983 by Jac Bleeker, who came to new Zealand in 1952 from Holland. Jac began growing potatoes for the other manufactures and when the factory he had built for a crisp manufacturer in Makikihi became empty Jac decided to start making french fries.

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